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Hiring staff on an employed or self employed basis?

LITRG have developed a detailed factsheet for people hiring someone to work for them. This looks at employment status – that is, whether an individual you hire is employed or self-employed for tax purposes. ©shutterstock/wavebreakmedia If you hire someone to … Read More

Spring Statement 2019 – 10 Tax Takeaways

It was a quiet statement on the tax front. This article by the Chartered Institute of Tax pulls out the main quick observations. 1) MTD for VAT still going ahead – ‘soft landing’ confirmed (and our reaction is here) 2) But MTD won’t … Read More

New Payment Deadline for Capital Gains Tax on Residential Property

From 6 April 2020, UK residents disposing of UK residential property will have new capital gains tax (CGT) reporting and payment obligations. The introduction of a 30-day reporting and payment window marks a significant change to the administration of CGT. … Read More

2019 Minimum Wage and Auto Enrolment Rates

Important Information for Employers We would like inform you of an upcoming increase to minimum wage and minimum pension contributions on the 1st April 2019.   The increases to minimum wage are as follows:-   25 and over – £8.21 … Read More

Year End Tax Planning

The 5th April is rapidly approaching, and there are a variety of reliefs and exemptions to consider. This Year End Planning guide highlights some of these. If you’d like us to consider whether you are eligible before you miss out, … Read More

Monthly E-Newsletter – February 2019

Newton & Co Monthly E-Newsletter February 2019 Here we’ve included our top tax stories from the last month for your perusal.  Please also check out our Facebook and Twitter pages too.  @newtonandco                 @NewtonAccounts Top … Read More

Budget Update

Budget Update The Chancellor Philip Hammond presented his second Autumn Budget this week and we’ve summarised the key tax points for you here:   The personal allowance threshold, the rate at which people start paying income tax at 20%, to … Read More

Business Mileage Claims

When claiming business mileage as a business expense against tax or as a VAT claim on the fuel element, you must also keep the Petrol / Diesel receipt . ( We know it will include some private use). The mileage … Read More

Is this really a text from HMRC?

Is this really a text from HMRC?   This week a client of ours received what appeared to be a text from HMRC telling them that they were due a tax refund. It also asked for the client’s bank details! … Read More

Why Do Small Businesses Need Financial Statements?

Aliquam efficitur leo ut ante laoreet porta. Proin ipsum ipsum, suscipit vel posuere at, maximus non nisl. Nam sed erat semper, iaculis leo vitae, consectetur ligula. Nullam pulvinar in massa sed iaculis. Integer orci enim, congue ac nisl laoreet, aliquet … Read More