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Quote of the Day

To err is human

To forgive takes restraint

To forget you forgave

Is the mark of a saint?

Employment Rights Did You Know?

Pay secrecy clauses.

These are often included in employment contracts to prevent employees discussing salaries among themselves. These are not enforceable so employees can discus salaries among themselves or with trade union officials if appropriate.

Never forget your Customer

If they don’t want what your business provides you have no business.

People always do what you inspect.

If you have proper controls and check what people in your organisation are doing you will get better results and what gets measured gets done. So make sure you are getting the key facts about your business to make the correct decisions.

Delegate but Don’t Abdicate

It is generally a sound management technique to delegate responsibility to subordinates whenever possible and practical. This can encourage and develop employees and build up morale and confidence and lead to a more efficient business.

You must though keep control and things such as discipline and grievance procedures should not be passed to subordinates. It is imperative that you maintain good relationships with customers and set the standards that you expect others to achieve in the way you conduct your business.

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