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Quote of the Day

It takes two to make a quarrel.

Employment Rights Did You Know?

There are only four things an employer can deduct from an employees wages.

1 Tax and national insurance.

2 Deductions you have agreed such as social club, union fees or charitable donations.

3 Court orders.

4 Anything specifically in your contract of employment, providing you have seen it before the deduction has been made.

Take control of your website.

Buy your own website domain. Buy your own hosting. There’s absolutely no need to have anyone buy these on your behalf. You own all your other business assets so make sure you have full control of your business website too. This applies regardless of who designs develops and maintains it.

Bridge the Gap a Worthy Cause to Support.

The sister charities TAX AID and TAX HELP FOR OLDER PEOPLE help unrepresented people who can’t afford professional fees to solve their tax problems.

TAX AID and TAX HELP FOR OLDER PEOPLE are appealing to the profession under the Bridge the Gap campaign to support this essential safety net for vulnerable people.

Advice changes lives and by donating to the Bridge the Gap campaign there exists the possibility that even more lives can be changed.

Go to to see the good work they do and perhaps even donate a few pounds to a worthy cause.

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