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Quote of the Day

Accountants know the price of everything and the value of nothing?

Employment Rights Did You Know?

If you believe you have not been paid the statutory minimum wage you have up to 3 months to go to tribunal after you leave the company. The tribunal can force the employer to pay the difference.

Notice to Turkeys and Ostriches

For Turkeys it is 61 days to getting stuffed, for Ostriches it is 98 days to being stuffed. If you have not sorted out your personal tax affairs for 2015/16 you are running out of time to get your return submitted. If you are an Ostrich get your head out of the sand get your paperwork to us as soon as you can. If you know of any other Ostriches give them our number, we may be able to stop them or you being stuffed by HMRC.

Do you want up to date information?

Then take the quick step to Quick Books. This is the ideal system for running your business, tracking your debtors, knowing what you owe and how your bank stands by the day all for a few pounds a month. You would pay more for a take away. Get in touch if you would like to know more. The digital age is here!

Business tip

A sale is not a sale until it is in your bank account monitor and chase the people who owe you money.

Your final chance to review your new business property draft rateable value or you could risk paying too much.

It will only take a few minutes to do this.

If the rateable value is incorrect you will be paying higher rates from April 1st 2017. If you believe your rateable value is incorrect It may be best to take professional advice, we do have a contact who may be able to help.

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