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Quote of the Day

Listen or your tongue will keep you deaf.”

Employment Rights Did You Know?

If you are an employee of an insolvent company or a bankrupt sole trader or partnership and have not been paid you have up to three months to make a claim to the National Insurance fund. Maximum claim is 8 weeks at £475 per week.


Business Tip

Be braver. Take risks. You can be the smartest person in the world but you can always be outdone by someone who is braver than you.

Review your new property draft rateable value now or you could risk paying too much.

It will only take a few minutes to do this.

If the rateable value is incorrect you will be paying higher rates from April 1st 2017. If you believe your rateable value is incorrect It may be best to take professional advice we do have a contact who may be able to help.

What kind of money instincts do you have?

The Big Spender

Any new gadget you must have it. Even if you have a perfectly good car and you must have the latest model. Spend money improving your house that you do not have. Spend money that on luxuries you cannot afford. Build up debts like they are going out of fashion. Then almost certainly you are a big spender.

The Cheapskate

If you are a cheapskate spending money is hard for you. Even letting a 5p coin out of grasp seems to hurt. You can’t understand why other people enjoy spending money because the only pleasure you get is from saving it. The cheapskate would say ‘I am not going to buy that I can get it much cheaper elsewhere.’ A cheapskate shivers all winter because they won’t turn up the heating.

The Ostrich

This bird thinks it can avoid danger by not looking at the thing it is frightened of. Its human version avoids money problems by hiding from them. Excuses themselves by saying I am no good with my money. Refuses to open envelopes for fear of what they might find. When they do finally open them hide them in a drawer bank statements, credit card statements, reminders or even worse.

The Cynic

The cynic sees all money matters as part of a big game in which banks and other groups are trying to cheat and rob the rest of us. So this allows you to use clever dodges and schemes to enrich yourself and prevent them from scamming you. For the cynic taxes are a rip off, saving is for suckers and the stock market is a casino where all bets are rigged. To them even working for a living is a waste of time and for losers. Cynics often start businesses thinking they can make a lot of money with little effort and when they fail they become bitter and want to blame anyone else but themselves.

Which one are you?

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