Quote of the Day
“Apple have more cash on their balance sheet than the entire value of the Greek economy”

Do you have an exit strategy for your business?
I was talking to someone recently who spends his life helping entrepreneurs sell their businesses and he told me.” I have never had one person who said he wished he had sold his business later” To a man they all wished they had sold their business earlier.

He also told me that now is a good time to sell as there are a lot of companies who have a lot of liquid assets in their balance sheet. This seller’s market will rapidly become a buyer’s market as the baby boomer’s generation try to get rid of their businesses in the coming decade.
So whether you want to pass your business to family members, sell it to people working in the business or sell it to someone independently you need to have an exit strategy, you need to have an end game. So give it some thought and you would like to talk through your plans then get in touch.
Whatever you decide to do you need to get your business in shape first.
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