Do you have a life insurance policy?

I think the vast majority of you would answer yes to that one. It could be to pay for a funeral, cover your mortgage balance, leave a nest egg for your loved ones or many other sensible things. Did you know that with 97% of all life insurance policies the pay-out will be included in your estate when you die and be in range of HMRC for taxation!

Well we have come up with a solution for you, Grapevine Financial Services will review your policy, make sure it is the most suitable for the purpose you require it, that the price you pay is competitive and free of charge will put the policy into trust so it will be paid out in full to your named beneficiaries and out of reach of the tax man.

This offer is only valid until 30/09/2016. We will ask Grapevine to get in touch with you to discuss the offer in person. If you are happy with your current arrangements or do not want them to contact you just let me know.

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