2015 Tax Returns

We managed to submit all your personal tax returns on time this year despite the fact that a significant number of you left it until the last month to get your records to us. The last one was received at 3.55PM on Friday 29th January 2016! Please make it your new year’s resolution to get your books to us earlier. This enables us to better look at the options available to you to minimise your taxation.


For all clients with a March year end whose profits are in excess of £50,000 and would like to look at an exciting Investment which can reduce or mitigate your Corporation Tax with minimal risk please give me a call and I can book you a no obligation appointment to get all the details. You will have to make the Investment before your year end. Minimum Investment is £10,000.

Tax Planning

If any of you want me to look at any legitimate ways of reducing your tax then please give me a call. I will come to see you, discuss what you want to do and see if we can help. I may not be able to do as well as Google but there are a lot of options out there for you to consider.

The Accounting Web Reported

HMRC now has the power to collect tax directly from taxpayers’ bank accounts, under the direct recovery of debt (DRD) rules.

This power can potentially be applied to tax debts owed by anyone who is not a “vulnerable person”. What’s more the bank can charge up to £55 for the costs it incurs in complying with DRD orders to pay funds to HMRC.

So be afraid be very afraid.

Have a great February enjoy your pancakes and make use of the extra day.

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