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Parents, grandparents and employers, listen up!

Shared parental leave – itself a relatively new right granted to parents – is now going to be extended to grandparents, the Chancellor announced at his party’s conference. When this new ruling comes into force, grandparents will be entitled to take paid leave from work to help the parents with childcare, taking an allocation of shared parental leave earnings at £139.58 or 90% of average weekly earnings.

This was taken from HR Department Website

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HMRC Issues all clients need to be aware of.

Mileage Claims

Only 10,000 miles can be claimed at 45p per mile any further mileage must be at 25p per mile.

All mileage must be totally and exclusively for business purposes.

You must keep a log of all journeys you are claiming and submit it to us with your accounting records at the year end.

Failure to comply with any of the above could mean you end up with an additional tax charge and HMRC may disallow your claim.

Mobile Phones

Mobile contracts need to be taken out in the business name. Failure to do so may mean your expense claim is rejected.

Life Insurance and Keyman Insurance

Check who are the beneficiaries of your policy if it is not your company you probably cannot claim tax relief on life and Keyman policies. If you need someone to review your policies please let us know and we can have an expert review them for you.

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