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Auto Enrolment and Employment Law

Our recent seminar on the above at the Stadium of Light was a success despite the attempt of Sunderland council to ruin it by holding a motoring census on the day which gridlocked the town’s road network. I would like to express my thanks to every client who made the effort to attend in very difficult circumstances and hope you got something of benefit out of it.

For those of you who missed it we are running a second seminar on Tuesday 24thNovember2015 again at the Stadium of Light. Anyone who employs staff and did not attend the first seminar I strongly recommend you attend also if you have any friends who employ staff and are not clients of ours please get them to come along. Auto Enrolment could prove very expensive if you don’t get it right. It is not something you can put off to the last minute!

Dividend Changes

The new budget changes means everyone who draws dividends above £5000 is going to pay more tax from 2016. If anyone would like a meeting to discuss how the changes will affect them or look at other cash extraction strategies do not hesitate to contact the office.

Accelerated Payment Notices

HMRC claim to have collected over £1 Billion from the above from people who they say have not properly paid their taxes. In many of these cases HMRC have not yet proved their validity in court. Up to 200,000 further APN’s are on their way according to HMRC.

£45 Million to Improve Call Handling

HMRC are spending £45 million to improve their shocking record of handling enquiries by telephone. At the same time the whole strategy of HMRC is to drive everyone on to the internet for their taxation correspondence. Consultants are working in Long Benton to drive this process forward despite the fact that over 20% of all people in the UK have no access to the internet.

Do As I Say not as I do

Michelle Mone the government’s new start up business czar ran a company called MUM International Ltd and paid £500,000 into an EBT between 2009 and 2011. This is the same EBT that Chancellor George Osborne described as “morally reprehensible.” We will await her advice to start ups with interest.

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